Sennheiser supports Danteâ„¢
At NAB 2014, audio specialist Sennheiser has announced its support…
Peyroux journeys through The Blue Room with Sennheiser
American jazz singer-songwriter Madeleine Peyroux is currently on tour throughout…
Award for wireless PA solution: Sennheiser's LSP 500 PRO Wins IF Design Award
Audio specialist Sennheiser is proud to win an iF Product…


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Debbie Hutchins

Freelance FOH tech / In-Ear Monitor Tech / RF Tech / Road & Production Manager

Glen Robinson

An award winning producer/engineer/mixer currently based in New York City.

Dave Gardner

FOH Engineer/ Monitor Engineer/ Tour Manager

Dave Coe

FOH / Production Management / Mon & RF

Frank Morrone

Frank is an independent re-recording mixer who has worked extensively in film and television.

Trevor Coppen

FOH Audio Engineer

Rick Bazuin

Tour Manager / FOH / Monitor & RF Tech

Richard Hagan

FOH / Monitor / RF tech

Renaud Lussier

Sound Tech Live & Studio

Russel Giroux

FOH Engineer, Tour Manager, Production Manager

Pierre-Luc Beaulieu

Sonorisation FOH

Matthew Peskie

Audio Engineer Live Technician Monitor Engineer

Phil Hornung

Live Technician or studio or both, FOH/ Monitor/RF tech

Perry D Gingerysty

FOH & Monitors

Marc-André Duncan

FOH Audio Engineer

Marc Dufresne

FOH Audio Engineer

Karim Kaz Choucri

Sonorisateur FOH, IEM et Moniteurs, Mixer Mobile TV, PA/Mon Tech

Jeffrey A. Holdip

FOH mixer. Studio mixer

Greg McClements

Live Technician FOH/ Monitor

Gavin Brown

Sound Engineer

Frank Joly

FOH Tech, Studio recording & Mix engineer.

Debbie Murphy

FOH engineer

Yvan Sauvé

Live Technician (FOH/ Monitor), TM, PM, PA, SM

Tom Pambrum

Front of House and Monitor Engineer, Tour Manager.

Todd Farhood

Live & Recording Audio Engineer, Road/ Production Manager Live Technician FOH/ Monitor/RF tech or studio or both.

Dany Legendre

Sonorisation FOH, Studio

Dan James Mc Kay

Tour Manager/FOH Engineer

Carl Gosine

Live Technician FOH/ Monitor

Bruno Mambella

Tour Manager/FOH Engineer

Brett Hopkins

Monitor/Stage mgr/Keyboards NOFX, Moniter/Drum Tech Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, FOH Less then Jake

Brad Ferguson

RF tech/PA tech/FOH engineer

Ben Richardson

FOH Soundman, Tour Manager, Bassist

Anthony Pitcher

Live Technician FOH/ Tour/Production Manager

Andrew Werlick

FOH/ Monitor Engineer L-Acoustics QVT

Stein Guitton

Sonorisation FOH & Monitors

Colin Cripps

It’s been 25 years since I started working in the music business. Most often you spend your time looking forward to the next show, record, tour. In retrospect, it seems like a blur.

George Seara

George Seara is one of Toronto’s leading Mixers and Recording Engineers. George works in all genres of music and happy recent clients include Rihanna, Mos Def, Holly Cole, 50 Cent, Sting, Herbie Hancock and Finger…